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Jun 16, 2011
Oct 15, 2006
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clouded_perception, from Australia

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Jun 16, 2011
    1. Kaine999
      Always? So no matter how long a person spends on it there will always be more?
      Bugger I better get started.

      So as an analytical question what movies have you seen of late?
    2. Kaine999
      Just curious how much you have been through whilst you have been there.
    3. Kaine999
      Or that so many of th tvtropes are coined from discworld characters and events.

      Just as a question how long have you been on this tvtrope site?
    4. Kaine999
      My mistake was the "front" I put into the search, and yes I do agree, the hunter becoming the hunted and all that.

      And yes I did have something planned, was gonna cure cancer, and end all suffering in the world, but I guess that can wait a bit.........

      And I just have to say this, the third page I opened, led me directly to a discworld related page, that I have to say is either fate, or those damn elves..........
    5. Kaine999
      Well this is where I should say, damn you right? well guess what

      DAMN!!!! YOU!!!!!!

      Also I found nothing, what exactly do you mean by that tomato statement?
      Or you could gimme another link.

      Did I say damn you?
    6. Kaine999
      Ahahahahaha, I have to say, regardless of whether it is meant to be a joke or not, that was mildly amusing.

      I think I shall have to go through this site in a lot more detail. But I don't think 7+ hrs will be the case.
    7. clouded_perception
    8. Kaine999
      Hmn, definitely gonna have to make this into a book, would be one hell of a read, and just to make the finishing touches, we have to give it to a monkey on some sort of illegal narcotic and have it, "edit" it so it is suitable for "the big screen".

      And I have to add, you give the most interesting links :D
    9. Kaine999
      Hey what about a 2m tall nerd, built like the hulk?
      Oh yes yes, and we mustn't forget the moment where all control is lost, and some primal instinct kicks into gear, while the hero does something stupid, like suicidal but even dumber, and still manages to get out alive.

      But what about the faithful companion, maybe make it a cougar, or maybe a dragon, you know, for realism.
    10. Kaine999
      Oh ofc you can never forget the paragon of light and honour that only the *almost chokes on these words* politicians can be.
      Hey wait, don't forget about the native African animals roaming around in a completely different habitat and indeed country to where they are supposed to stay in.
      And that as a first choice for a "rugged" vehicle our "hero" chooses a *chokes again* Mustang.
    11. Kaine999
      Can it have a douche-bag that is not intelligent enough to use an Aircraft carrier as a base of operations?
    12. Kaine999
      What attached to the dogs ears? bugger.................hmn gives me an idea for an American movie....................
      Wanna help me write it? lol
    13. Kaine999
      I am just surprised that they didn't give him a shotgun and a chainsaw, and that the dog didn't have circular saws attached to its ears, or something else completely BS.
    14. Kaine999
      Well they used Americans right? and if the answer to that is yes, it answers your question pretty effectively.
      Not as though I am saying all Americans are dumb, just that the numbers of the "intellectually challenged" are greater than that of the "real people"
    15. Kaine999
      I just figured (in regards to the movie that is) that the title was just BS, made up by a talentless hack (who ever "edited" the script for the movie scene) and that it was probably a joke, (since the movie was so bad that it must have been wishful thinking on their behalf) I mean they lost basically every meaningful part of the story in "translation" and I love the idea how the humans become the "new vampires" as such, kind of an interesting twist in my opinion.
    16. Kaine999
      Hhhmmmnnnn, my thoughts......hmn.... the general consensus was: "bloody oath, that's a good read"
      I found how it ended of particular interest, and now I understand the title, though I did expect that Ruth was not what she seemed, but that didn't occur to me at the time.
      I have to say it does make me think about the way civilizations evolve and change as new "factors" come into play.
      What did you think about/of it?
    17. Kaine999
      Hey lass, I FINISHED DA BOOK FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    18. Kaine999
      Well I wasn't meaning cheating per se, just that there are areas in between the rules, and the no noes.

      Hmn.. I am interested in genetics, engineering and manipulation sounds...interesting, but since what I would consider useful, is kinda illegal to practice in reality, well atm I think it is.

      If you want to chat to someone who likes Pratchett as much as you and me combined then have a talk with this guy one day:
      I reckon he could quote any story word for word (he's the one that told me about the convention)

      In any event I am gonna have to go to bed now, been up for longer than I care to admit, I'll chat with you later lass (you don't mind if I call you lass do you?)
    19. Kaine999
      And that is what I was wondering, in most work based environments it is not if you break the rules, but how good you are at covering your tracks, that seems to be the real key to a good job.
      So what sort of equipment/resources would you be able to supply? or would that depend on who you work for/with?
    20. Kaine999
      Ok, here is where things get rife with misunderstandings.

      In any given field of employment, there are what rules and regs you are supposed to work by (the white) and the big no noes (the black) except some of the time, you encounter the grey area, where it seems neither set of rules seem to be an effective, in this course are they teaching you about that? (I can't be more specific since I know not the field)
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