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Jun 16, 2011
Oct 15, 2006
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clouded_perception, from Australia

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Jun 16, 2011
    1. Harlequin
      Just curious , as my brother moved out to Melbourne about 4 yeras ago.
      Lives in a place called Point Cooke.
    2. Kaine999
      I always do, weights make me more manly :D
    3. Kaine999
      Yeah hardy har har :p

      I think we have broken a record or something, in the space of three days we have been chatting for 16 pages!
      I mean that has to be record or something right?
      Anyway, now I have to go and do some weights, but I will be back on in about 2hours or so, but I expect you shall be going to bed early tonight?
    4. Kaine999
      Tell me about it lass, generator power is such a PITA, especially when it fails at 19:00 and dinner is half cooked.
      And as the worst, we don't have Broadband access up here either, we have to use either dial-up, or Satellite and Sat. lags something chronic.
      Do you wanna know something interesting?
    5. Harlequin
      Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking but where about in Australia are you from.
    6. Kaine999
      Wait make that 15 now :D
      And good night lass, have a good snooze :)
    7. Kaine999
      Here we have a corner store, that seems to change ownership at least once every 3/4 months, no pub either, but I am not bothered about that either, there is a school, but no parent in their right mind sends their child to that school, so the grades got mixed into one class.
      I got expelled from it before that happened thankfully.
      Did you have power lines running through, cos we didn't get them til til about 14 years ago
    8. Kaine999
      I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a car, when I drive it is a form of release, where I can relax and just listen to music, and drive at speeds in excess of the limit, it really relaxes me.
      But I can see your point, but even if I was in a similar situation I would still have my car and license, just cos I like to have contingencies in place.
      So where did you grow up then?
      I have been on this block of land all my life, lame I know but I am content where I am for another couple of months.
    9. Kaine999
      Hehehe, I think I was on a tractor before I could walk, then naturally gravitated towards cars next, though it is more insane pulling speed stunts on a tractor than in a car, though in a car you do have the ability for powerslides, and handbrake turns, which on a property that mainly consists of trees rocks and lantana, is a little more useful.
      So do you drive? Or public transport?
    10. Kaine999
      I bet that you will chuckle a bit when I say ;)
      I live on a 40 acre block in a small country town, about 40km/s outside of Toowoomba, which if you don't know where that is, it is about a 2-3 hour drive outside of Brisbane.
      Which part of Adelaide do you live in? and do you like it there?
    11. Kaine999
      Thanks for the warning then lass, I'll copy and paste it into a word document sometime toni........this morning :D

      So I am guessing since you said you live in Adelaide you live in what would be considered a city based environment correct?
    12. Kaine999
      Please don't stop sending me sites, as long as you don't send me utube vids, that ticks me off, but sites where I can get stuff from, I like, or sites where I can find something good to read, even if I don't read it now, I do intend on reading it later. So thank you lass :D

      And thanks for thepiratebay as well :D
      For the record I don't dl a lot, as I run off of satellite broadband, and it is really slow, and has a tendency to cut out randomly so I have not gone looking for torrent sites before.
    13. Kaine999
      Yeah now I am enjoying some Vivaldi, so there goes the list............

      Hey do you know any more sites that allow dl of books?
      Or in particular that has a good variety of Pratchett books?
    14. Kaine999
      Hmn interesting choices, I find it hard to choose a top five, more like a top 20, but I will try.
      1. Evolution (Korn)/ Falling Away (Dope)
      2. Destroyer (Static - X)
      3. De La Vida (Ill Nino)
      4. A is for Apathy (Powerman 5000)
      5. Feuer Frei (Rammstein) / Come What Ever May (Stone Sour)

      Most of it is heavy metal/rock I think, but if I was to try it again in 30min it would be mostly different.
    15. Kaine999
      Hahaha Point taken :D

      What are your top five songs then?
    16. Kaine999
      Oh yeah I forgot, I have some Nightwish, and like most of it. as well.
    17. Kaine999
      I agree, it's the duff duff and the intuitive beats that do it ;)
      Most of the reason why I hate pop is that I have to listen to it all day at work, whhat is your excuse? :D
    18. Kaine999
      Hmn, I'll have to look at Sigur Ros, I really can't say exactly what I like, it really depends on my mood at the time, I recently acquired 200GB of music from a serious downloader, and have been sorting through that for quite a while.
      I will listen to anything from Mozart to Korn, and even some Enya. However I can't stand country, new age classical, and most pop songs make me want to commit X kinds of genocide.
      At this exact moment I am listening to some Static-X
    19. Kaine999
      Yeah I do think the Joker was a pretty damn good character though.

      It was the last movie that came out, I think it stopped being viewed a month ago or so.
      And if this last one was any indication, I don't think they have any ideas left for a NEW one.

      So do you like music?
    20. Kaine999
      I have been watching less and less TV of late, it just bores me way too much nowadays, I have seen a few movies lately, and one thing I would say, is that if you like interesting movies, with a clever plotline, DON'T watch the X-Files movie, talk about drivel, I never knew and X-files story could even be that lame.
      And I have seen TDK as well, I thought it was good, my favourite bit would be: "wanna see a magic trick?"
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