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Jun 16, 2011
Oct 15, 2006
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clouded_perception, from Australia

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Jun 16, 2011
    1. Kaine999
      He he he, I am sure it will :D
    2. Kaine999
      Yeah I would agree with you on that, poor lass *hug* but maybe if you tell chemistry that it is being evil, it may turn to the lightside, or it could on the other side get ten times worse......................hmm.................
      Friday night eh? Have you tried the dress yet?
    3. Kaine999
      Why do you hate chemistry?
      What has it down now? did it leave the seat up again? cos if soo, you know what to do ;)
      Seriously though, why?
      Me I am great, a friend of mine came down here for a visit, she always drags me out to parties and such, makes me socailize with real people. :D
      So how did that lucheon thing go?
    4. Kaine999
      Physics eh? lucky you :D

      G'night lass, hope you sleep well :)
    5. Kaine999
      So when is it on then?
      What have you got on tomorrow, class?
      I don't sleep much anymore, but I really should, think I am gonna get called into work tomorrow.......but meh............
      Oh yeah, I GOT SOME ICEBLOCKS :D
      Tee hee hee
    6. Kaine999
      I'm smiling, which is rare, probably all the graphic violence that was on TV a little while ago :D

      How are you going lass?

      And did you fit into the dress for that reception?
    7. Kaine999
      Or the Armageddon...............

      Ok, I'll watch it, on your recommendation I'll watch it............but it better be good or I' nothing...........hmm I need to work on my threats a little better....................
    8. Kaine999
      You said Americans right? Americans? are you sure? you feeling ok? sober?
    9. Kaine999
      Hahaha, procrastination, the Aussie way of life.
      Good is it?
    10. Kaine999
      Kinda bored, what you up to atm?
    11. Kaine999
      G'day lass, how's things?
    12. Kaine999
      Gnight lass. sweat dreams and all that :)
    13. Kaine999
      Yeah but I think that may be counter productive, losing weight is kinda synonymous with eating less, or at least healthy, so less it is..........

      So what is the special occasion?
    14. Kaine999
      Ahh but that is what your bf is for ;)

      And pfft I don't really like iceblocks anyway, though I could go get some icecream.....................mmmmm

      Too bad the mince is filling me up...........damn I hate shrinking stomach!!!!
    15. Kaine999
      Yeah there is a good kind of junk food, it's called healthy food, and I call that food JUNK!!!

      Mmm nice junk food, do you exercise? if not, then simple do a little workout every few days, it increases your metabolic rate (you probably know the technical term).
      And for the record, I didn't get an iceblock, they had all been eaten :( suffice to say, there were once other people living here....not anymore though..........
      I decided to go for some mince with a little cheese and a coffee, well actually a cappuccino but still.
      Ohh poor lass *hug*
      Well if that is the case what you need to do, is "eat out" but do so in cheesecake shops or icecream purveyors.
    16. Kaine999
      I skipped dinner, not sure why, just did, I am however gonna go get me an iceblock (can't believe we have some atm, it's been years since my last one :D)
      What sort of junkfood? the good kind :( or the bad kind :)
      I am avoiding being alive, but it is so much hard work, it goes against my laziness.
    17. Kaine999
      Ahahahahahaha *forcibly holds back a crackling innuendo*

      I'm in quite a good mood atm, finding entertainment is easy when online.

      How are you today lass?
    18. Kaine999
    19. Kaine999
      Reading web comics :p
      I believe I got the link from Alch, that got it from you, hehehe ironic.
      And now I am going up town to do weights with JIM, later lass :D
    20. Kaine999
      Yeah but I am not so sure of it being that combo, I have a bad memory, still it's good enough I guess.

      So what are you doing atm?
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