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Oct 15, 2010
    1. wanderingmagus
      not exactly.. I occasionally have strange dreams, many involving getting lost, wandering, or labernyths. Returning to a home I don't know or a school is also a common theme... but nobody i know, including myself, really have the type of malevolent entities you describe. maybe i ward myself too well.. not that i actually practice huge magicks of any kind, but i do do the whole "if there be entities about me let them stay far from my travels" thing.

      And what kind of details would you like? I have a whole speal on characters, environments, and backstories listed here.
    2. wanderingmagus
      sure, you can teach me about it!

      Actually, it's more like.... well, kinda. Ever heared about SM Stirling, or his Dies the Fire series?
      Try reading the Fae Wars OOC thread; i have tons of info already on there. It's like this.
      Sometime in the near future, some idiot starts a Third World War, and drops a bomb on Stonehenge. Unfortunately, nobody realized Stonehenge was actually a portal to the magical land of Faerie, and by opening the portal they unleashed all sorts of havoc on the laws of physics, removing our ability to use any electronic, explosive, and steam-driven technology at all. Meanwhile, this cataclysm causes governments to collapse all over the world, but more "primitive" systems, such as those of aboriginals or natives, and religious systems, such as the Church and various Temples, have become outrageously powerful.
      Technology is now confined to clockwork-driven machines and magic, with a touch of biological tech such as genetic engineering and such. Chemicals still work but are extremely expensive and difficult to manufacture.

      Sorry, i don't have ICQ; visitor messaging seems to be the best way to talk at the moment. I suppose I could download it, but... yeah.
    3. wanderingmagus
      wow, it's amazing that you can work with the Dreamworld like that. I'd love to learn how to help people that way.

      Well, the game is set in a postapocalyptic setting; being game-master, i'm choosing to allow different people to essentially choose how they take on quests. I will introduce quests based on which non-player character you speak with. Fights are description-based rather than chance; I decide whether the opponent dies, flees, or wins. Rarely, if ever, will player caracters die.
    4. wanderingmagus
      nice! sounds really interesting! I'd love to hear more about your work.

      You're a game master? wow! could you gm a little RPG I want to get going over in the Enchanted Woods of the Fellowship Guild?

      Oh, and btw, I'll extend a second invitation to come and visit my shop over in Castle Town in the same Guild.
    5. Foinikas
      Hey Russian brother,what's up?Tell me,which AD&D class and race do you prefer the most?And please make a thread in the General Fantasy section about "Your best AD&D games" etc.
      It will be fun!

    6. Jingojolene
      I'm about to go to sleep but what's icq?
      Speak again tomorrow!
      night :) x
    7. Jingojolene
      You're the Russian speaking person! Ah fantastic. Absolutely yes please. I'm so excited about learning the Russian language. It's so beautiful and when I finally get my tongue around the pronounciation I love showing it off. [even though I'm alone in the room and nobody's listening xD] that's how sad I am. I love languages and er... I'll shut up now.
      But do please give me some top tips about speaking/reading/learning Russian!
    8. Jingojolene
      Hey there. New to TFF? Welcome. Thanks for the friend add I'm interested as to where you noticed me?
    9. wanderingmagus
      no, just do random research, filing, organization... stuff like that :) what do you do?
    10. rosa
      Hello, i also like DnD and roleplaying in general, may we be friends?
    11. wanderingmagus
      I'm doing quite well myself... about to go to my internship :rolleyes: but ok
    12. wanderingmagus
      sooo... how are you? :)
    13. wanderingmagus
    14. wanderingmagus
      hello, there! may we be friends? :)
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