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Oct 15, 2010
Jul 1, 2010
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August 12


The Watcher of Helm

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Oct 15, 2010
    1. Jingojolene
      Sergey, hey bless you for staying in touch with me. I haven't been on TFF in such a long time, I got so caught up with exams and my studying, - I'm at University here in the UK now. I hope everything's been okay with you, that you're enjoying that job you mentioned. I'm so busy nowadays, how have you been of this time?
    2. wanderingmagus
      welcome back! :D
    3. rosa
      Hello! its good to see you back! =D Im glad to hear you got a new and awesome job.
      Im fine, working as a freelance artist, as a teacher and trying to get a schoolarship for a masters degree. =D
    4. wanderingmagus
      on the outside?... well, during my bout of clinical depression, i was in what i called a "third person state", when it seemed as if I was on the outside, looking at myself going through the motions.

      But now, I only look at everything from first person :) as myself, cheerful, uncaring as to what others thought about how i acted, whether femininely or not.
    5. Jingojolene
      Haha that was early this morning. I'm never on-line in the morning unless I need to check something.
      Try to catch me in the evening. :)
    6. Jingojolene
      Hi Cavalier! I'm back on my laptop so when you're next online give me a shout and we can speak again :)
    7. Jingojolene
      Yes I'm ordering a new charger tonight so I should be back online by the end of the week! Thanks for understanding :)
    8. Jingojolene
      Hi!! I cannot, though I have been trying for the past two hours, turn on my laptop. The charger I have been using is not the right one and it's finally, after a few months of working ... okayish, decided to give up on me. Right when I needed it most. I'm currently using the family computer which is unbearably slow and does not have skype, but we can still talk here if you'll bear with me! My mum and I are trying to get hold of a new charger for me.
      Thanks and I hope you understand! Talk again soon, I'm off for now. Byebye!
    9. Jingojolene
      Oh cool :)
      Hello Sergey!Absolutely, I'll go search for your introduction thread and have another read. I think everything you need to know about me I've already said or you can find it in my blog. If not - my name is Jolene but you already know that, I live in the UK and I'm 16 years old, about to begin my higher level of studies at school. My skype name is... I can't even remember I'll just try to add you.
      Okay well that's something I'd need to tell you on skype otherwise this message will be even longer!
      thanks for your help :)
    10. Jingojolene
      Hi Cavalier! Sorry I've been away and busy for a long time. Forgive me! I have skype and MSN so whichever you'd prefer to use to talk would be great :) I need to start my Russian studying in September ready for my exams in May next year so that'd be great!
      How have you been? :)
    11. wanderingmagus
      sure, go ahead.
    12. wanderingmagus
      what would be some information useful for you to help?
    13. LadyDeath
      I am fine, thank you!
      =) Have a goo night!
    14. LadyDeath
      Hey, how are you?
    15. wanderingmagus
      hmm. I am currently biologically male but am or am under the strong impression that i am, transgendered. I feel I should be female. Strongly.

      I am uncertain as to how to respond to people's questions. I am frustrated when unable to explain situations to others.

      I get lost or distracted fairly easily, and have been, or thought i was, lost many, many times.

      I sometimes forget things and become paranoid about it.
    16. wanderingmagus
      hmm.. perhaps my confusion and uncertainty over some things... or maybe my fear of failure and embarrassment..
    17. wanderingmagus
      almost indifferent, as if the strangeness was always there, or sometimes confusion and fear, under a stoic face, as if trying to save face after a mistake.
    18. wanderingmagus
      often they are normal or familiar places with unfamiliar layouts, for instance a relative's house which changes inexplicably into a maze of hallways, or a school with rooms that change people, teachers and room number as soon as you turn around. once it was a museum which turned into an ancient temple with huge earthen tunnels and walls that opened into rooms.

      perhaps a school map?
    19. wanderingmagus
      perhaps i should bring a ball of string, which the famous hero Theseus used to keep from getting lost in the Labyrinth of Minos. or a map of some sort, which adventurers and wanderers use to find their way home again.
    20. wanderingmagus
      that's very interesting.. so my dreams of being lost, or wandering, could be connected to something i'm confused about in the real world?
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