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Apr 18, 2010
Jul 4, 2009
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Apr 18, 2010
    1. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      Hello :). How are you today?
    2. AlphaAlex
      yeah im not on much over weekends, just letting you know.

      take care.
    3. AlphaAlex
      mwa! I love you too 'sweetie' ;)
    4. AlphaAlex
      haha! I live a 5 min drive from work :p I wake up at 8, have a shower grab a bite to eat, watch some tv and head to work :p
    5. AlphaAlex
      oh you will be sorry.. I'll get you... ;) :p

      I'm gonna head to bed soon.
    6. AlphaAlex
      edit: dont worry
    7. AlphaAlex
      wait I got that last pm twice.
    8. AlphaAlex
      I dont count internet people as popular but yes in rl :p heh heh
    9. AlphaAlex
      try pm me now ;)
    10. AlphaAlex
      I prefer relationships to one nighters.

      and sorry, My pm is 100% full again!..... damn thing is always full. let me delete some
    11. AlphaAlex
      well I'm not looking for a relationship, but If the right girl comes my way then who knows? I like being in a relationship. I like hot relationships but i think now possibly I'm ready to find a girl I can really settle with. i'm a romantic fool :p
    12. AlphaAlex
      heh heh.. i am a male after all. :rolleyes:
    13. AlphaAlex
      lol sorry.. well i dot know what you'd consider a lot :p
      not every weekend at parties.
      just when i meet someone new who is interested about me and ask my mates about me -_-
    14. AlphaAlex
      all three over nearly 3 years thats why we broke up

      plus she lived with me for 2 years and i had to provide, clean, pretty much do everything, she didnt want to move cos she was scrared she'd break a nail. typical barbie doll.
    15. AlphaAlex
      well after my last relationship girls have thought of me that way.

      you think I'm a pretty boy? I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing lol :p
    16. AlphaAlex
      well my last relationship lasted nearly 3 years but she was a tart and it wasnt right. Sorry you dont need to hear about my ex relationships.
    17. AlphaAlex
      I dont know, possibly. Although I dont see how, maybe its a subconscious thing? Maybe it has something to do with me only ever asking one girl out in my entire life, they have always asked me out. Problem is, girls only want one thing out of me and it kinda hurts. maybe that's it?
    18. AlphaAlex
      it does? :( im really a nice guy.. just make bad choices in women :p
    19. AlphaAlex
      all my gf's have been typical barbie doll giggly tarts with no brains. who think they are fat when they arent
    20. AlphaAlex
      ooo.. bondage is kinky, never had a girl try that on me.
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