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Aug 6, 2017
Jul 15, 2006
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Nov 14, 1908 (Age: 109)


Die by the Sword, 109

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Aug 6, 2017
    1. Julie
    2. olivia_the_lamb
      I just realized I never got back to you about a story/rpg or anything lol... some things never change *face palm*
    3. Julie
      Considering your beard and sense for philosophy, I think we should be friends :D
    4. JIM
      well, the time factor, 1 day a month for maybe 3-5 hrs. and only one of the guys has played before ;) have the mage but i still need a rogue :p
    5. JIM
      what do you get up to in your spare time now mate? feel like running a mage or warlock in my game?
    6. JIM
      Well i'm finding i'm overqualified for some, under for others lol
    7. JIM
      ha ha ha, yeah i never finished high school
    8. JIM
      yeah, looking at doing some more qualifications
    9. JIM
      yeah mate, in the clear, just finding it's hard to get a new job with the last 12 months sick in bed lol
    10. JIM
      i'm not back at work yet. had 12 months off for chemo
    11. JIM
      work? ewwww lol
    12. JIM
      you a D&D player?
    13. JIM
      heya bro, thought you'd left :p
    14. Kakashi
    15. Foinikas
      Hey where have you been?I missed you!What's up?I like your new avatar,is it heraldic symbol of a werewolf?
    16. Foinikas
      That's the spirit!I have Silent Hill for Playstation one but burned.I finished it with the help of a guide a few years ago.But I do have Resident Evil 1 original and had Resident Evil 2 original as well and of course I finished them years ago,back in the late 90s.I had lent Resident Evil 2 to a friend of mine from school and then school ended know.Lol!Funny thing is that I have the guy on my Facebook list but I'm like...never mind now.
      I was playing Amnesia The Dark Descent last night again.It's actually pretty scary playing a game where you have absolutely no weapons and the only thing you can do is run,hide or use your wits to survive.Yeah,I hid in a closet and kept peeking to see the monster coming and going from the room.Then I was exploring a cellar of the castle in the game and it was dark and all of a sudden a monster appears near the door coming towards the room!I was like ****!And I ran and hid in the darkness.I was like ....that's one heck of a good game.
    17. Foinikas
      Hail Caesar!What's up?I was wondering,do you have MSN or Skype?If you're not bored do you wanna talk with me from there sometime?You're a pretty cool person.Oh and I expect you to take part in the Horror games thread.You just...have to!It's a must! :P
    18. Kakashi
      haha i'll try not to :D I mainly want to get it for the historical experience, whether you believe that or not :D
    19. Kakashi
      haha don't worry about it, i just thought that maybe you knew off the top of your head :D I found a good site or what I think's a good site, so i'll try it out ;P
    20. Kakashi
      can you give me any tips on buying absinthe in the US? I feel like you'd know.
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    Nov 14, 1908 (Age: 109)


    Blood for all tears shed, and Fire for hate.
    Death for what shall become, all false ones fate
    Wearg Hearlanga of the Grey Alliance