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Sep 20, 2020 at 8:32 AM
Nov 11, 2004
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Sep 28, 1980 (Age: 39)


God Emperor, 39, from Belgium

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Sep 20, 2020 at 8:32 AM
    1. LadyoftheGoldenWood
    2. SeraphineAngel
      Maybe I should check it out then :3
    3. SeraphineAngel
      Oh I play a lot of games. So far every FF, Fatal Frame, Resident Evil, Silent hill, Haunting Ground, Clock tower 3, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Killzone, Tomb Raider, Super Mario...and I have a feeling I forgot something but oh well.
      So far I´ve cosplayed Luka Megurine and a normal japanese schoolgirl, but I want to do something else also, don't know what yet :3
    4. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      Hmm, I will have to look into it.

      So is it really late for you or really early for you?
    5. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      cool, I owuld be interested in photobucket letting me do that, I do not ahve a premium account so I will check for it. I was going to up load them straight to facebook; do you know if it has any opptions like that? They have changed so many things on there I cannot keep up.
    6. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      Well; keeping in mind that I had a lot lower reading comprehension five years ago. I think it was a Photoshop program I was using and I would select the red-eye tool and it did absalutly nothing for taking away the red glow.

      I guess I will try to play around with it and cross your fingers that I do not some how manage to destroy my photo's; cause me and Photoshop things are almost like oil and water...... <.<;;
    7. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      Nice; it sounds like your having fun so far.

      Would you happen to know anything about faststone image veiwer?

      My problem is this, Ihave a lot of pictures with red eye and when I tried to remove some in the past; I had absalutly no luck figuring out how it worked. But I would rather not have an album on facebook where we all have demon eyes.
    8. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      How is the trip going?
    9. LadyoftheGoldenWood
    10. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      Victoria franicess was probably me; but that is part of the problem, its been so long since I used some of them, I cannot remember who made wish pics into what and largely I just know that the folder is to empty for all the request I have made over the years.
    11. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      If your PB is public; could I go threw it and look for them?
    12. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      Ohh Anakin; is there anyway you can email me all of the set's you have that you have made me over the years that you still have, if you still have them that is. I have come to see that I am missing many some how with the saving and for getting to save and using their up load x.o
    13. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      Hypothetically; if you dated a girl for three years, in person and long distances; gave the worlds worst proposal, but still did Propose. She brakes up with you telling you that you need to seek counciling but that she loves you and wants to see you get better. Your telling her five months later that you still love her and want her; then in the sixth months you have a new girlfriend.

      Does that mean that even though he proposed he was never that invested in the first place?

      Is six month normal for getting over a girl you where with for three years and is a month after you tell her you still love her normal for getting a new girl?
    14. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      Staying together is always good; I know the stress long distance can put on a relationship.

      Hey Ced; can I ask you a question from a guys point of view?
    15. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      I understand that you both have fmaily that live far apart. But how do you guys handle the back and forth so much?? Dosent that much travle drive you nutts??
    16. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      Do you have any picutres of the apartment? I think I saw a lot of the before pic's once.
    17. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      Yes it has been; but coming on here and not saying a hello to you feels absolutely wrong! I am good as a whole. How are you?
    18. LadyoftheGoldenWood
    19. JIM
      almost ready to go on my Kotor campaign :)
    20. azuren82
      Your profile photo. Real life. With that haircut. (Altho have to admit its been N ages since I saw your mug lol! :P) btw, who's that kid beside you in the photo? Luke Skywalker? :p
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    Sep 28, 1980 (Age: 39)
    Star Wars, A Song of Ice and Fire, movies, photography, drawing, writing, animation.


    "The Dragon has three heads. There must be one more." Rhaegar Targaryen​
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