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Aug 9, 2018
Mar 26, 2008
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Graphic Designer / Digital and Screen printer


Official Forum Nuisance, from Australia

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Aug 9, 2018
    1. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      thank you, I'm not sure if you had any holidays at all but if you had a break, I hope it was as great as mine was :D Hope the heat didn't kill you ^^
    2. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      soon is not soon enough :p
    3. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Well, I'll take that offer. When's your flight?
    4. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      YOU'RE BACK!!!!
      Wait - are you?
      Course I miss you. I get the others even less than I get you ;)
    5. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      -.-' it has come this far...
      *sigh* okay...
      where the **** are you and why are you not here??
    6. Sneakybolt
      Hey You! How can I stalk you if I can never find you??
    7. Disco Jezebel
    8. azuren82
      And one more thing: Your final statement has been hijacked. Sorta anyway. Actions speak louder than words=Got one Iran bloke view now. Altho we have to admit that global majority tend to see the News of the World phone hacking scandal as the most anal bs yet. And I've just proven it by my actions. :p

      P.S: Iranians HATE being called Arabs. It's called history. It's called an Empire founded by the Persians. Your namesake couldn't even do a dime to it as well LOL! :p
    9. azuren82
      Lol I nvr said Dalglish was directly responsible for the signings. It's down to ppl asking wtf is he doing with players like them more than anything else. And pls no more Comolli if we're talking abt Spurs fans. He was a hated figure in White Hart Lane for a very good reason. Whether Jol had a hand in the whole mess is irrelevant now. What I do know is that he won't have a future in English football. The whole sporting director role was something far more suited to the Euro continent rather than the English due to controversies on the manager's autonomy. Ironically, ppl like Keegan & Hughton got screwed under EXACT grounds due to Ashley not being one. :S
    10. azuren82
      Oh and 1 more thing. I posted your identity in my blog. :p
    11. azuren82
      imo the biggest beef against Dalglish was down to the signings he made. ppl like Carroll, Downing, Adam and Henderson are supposed to come good, but something went wrong somewhere. Its not really down to the players quality, but rather we're talking abt an erratic run spanning near a season or so.

      Carroll is indeed a target man, but still players like him should also have the kind of ability to hold up play in any passing game. We're not talking abt Titus Bramble himself ffs. Downing is a good crosser, yet one thing a lot of ppl tend to miss out is that he's a decent dribbler with a good pace to say the least. imo should be a very damned good impact sub. Adam doesn't have big match focus due to Blackpool. Henderson is arguably the greatest disaster.

      imo BR will try to gradually shape the squad he wants. I suspect Kuyt's departure is a sign of things to come altho I dunno whether the big $$$ signings will go anytime soon. Mowbray did that with much success post-GS2, but BR=/=TM. -.-;
    12. azuren82
      Yeah. Just seen the news today. (Yay for diff timezone!!! -.-') imo BR is a risky move. If he can't hit the ground running, you can be sure he will be next Hodgson. Both are exceptional managers in their own rights. Yet whether they can handle the egos is yet another topic.

      To be fair Swansea has been exceptional this season despite having to fight tooth and nail on all things transfer market. Which is why I rolled my eyes when I read a journalist's column questioning what had Swansea achieved. I'm not blind to be fair. I've been seeing football for what it truly is: shit happens. Remember 2-0 at Molineux? I believe we all had seen the cold hard truth. :p
    13. azuren82
      Not even if I put up AnalAlex? :p
      But srsly Martinez for Anfield would be a dumb decision. I know he has done wonders for Swansea, but then again he's surprisingly out of his depth at Wigan. In fact I doubt boss Henry would risk the crap anyway. Capello, possible. The fact that he failed at the England squad was down to the dressing room being a load of bollocks right from the bat. But still has AVB joined Roma? It will be interesting to see him boss the Kop. imo guys like Downing, Carroll and Henderson should have fared much better. Esp the former two. JH is still horrendously out of his depth despite another bloke called Phil Jones bumming around in OT lol! :D

      And lastly, we're still in the Championship. Thankfully we've managed to keep Rhys Williams and possibly Nicky Bailey as well. We'll be screwed if those leave. :(
    14. azuren82
      Hey AA! How's life at Oz? Or have you bailed? ;)
      P.S: New boss @ Anfield?
      Final P.S: Surely you don't mind me putting up this link on my blog? Don't worry, I'll just say that Aussie is just a bloke LOL! :p
    15. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      better? If you say so, it must be true :D
    16. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      the one taking the picture Xp
    17. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Since I find no info whatsoever on you birthday, I'll just trust Sneaky, since she's a reliable stalker of yours ;)

      I hope your wishes came true and I wish you all the best for the next year. Lass krachen, Digger :p
    18. Sevi
      You should have figured out by now how good is my english sir! :p

      Also stop agreeing with Sparrowwwww!! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
    19. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      D'awwwww, you can be so sweet, when you want to, it's almost ridiculous. Only almost though ;) It made me smile ^^
      Thanks :*
    20. RayCaptain
      I rocked the Laughing Man for some time way back when... Everyone is dipping into their past sets so I figured I would join in.
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