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Mar 19, 2018
Mar 26, 2008
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Graphic Designer / Digital and Screen printer


Official Forum Nuisance, from Australia

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Mar 19, 2018
    1. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Hey AA :) Since you seem to know so much about video files and gifs and stuff, I have a question for you. Do you have any idea how to convert a .VOB file to something that Windows Movie Maker can .AVI for example?
    2. Julie
      Ahhh yeah haha :D
    3. Julie
      Where does it say that? :D
    4. Julie
      Oh really!! I don't know why I thought you were :D
    5. Julie
      Hey you're a mod,right? You should check Ljavpor or whatever, the new Swedish girl, her profile. She's offering a porn collection, so maybe that's stepping the forum's line :)
    6. JIM
      oi, if you do get a usb net stick, don't go optus. they cut their coverage areas. i used to have good coverage with this optus premium stick (use when homenet sucks) but latest coverage i barely connect. can't even skype call on it anymore
    7. JIM
      i need time when my net isn't out of downloads to get it finished. takes minutes to load up tff messages lol
    8. JIM
      character all done.

      name loud l'lnaya Melarn (it means what you wanted your name to mean)
    9. Mem
      *one month later* give me something badass!
    10. JIM
      sent you an invite to the group.
    11. JIM
      you wish lol. inbox fixed now?
    12. JIM
      clear your inbox....
    13. Emerlas
      life is treating me alright
      It was stabbing me and putting me in a death spin about a week ago, when uni folios were due
      but I escaped and survived
      Like crocodile Dundee I am
    14. Emerlas
      hello AA
      wow I've been away too long...
      how is everything?
    15. S.J. Faerlind
    16. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      T'was a hard battle but victory is mine...hahahahaha :D
    17. Ender-Zero
      Thanks AA. Maybe you could be my date to the awards. ;)
    18. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Thanks AA :) It might be fine. I have to work tomorrow so I won't have time to mess with it before friday anyway.
      *rolls up sleeves and prepares to wrestle with Corel Painter*
      We'll see who wins the battle :D
    19. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      I was kinda hoping to have the dragon in my sig carry my trophy and paint a clothes pin on its nose. I don't know if my paint program can handle gif files though.... If not, I'll have to just use [IMG]
    20. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Awww.. thanks, and right back at you. As much as you gripe about winning that best female poster award (lol), you gotta know that TFF loves you. :)
      I'm gonna have to get my pile of poo trophy for being the the creator of the worst thread award uploaded later in the week when I get some time to do it. :D
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    Graphic Designer / Digital and Screen printer
    Love art, Love Music, Love to chat, Love hot babes.

    Fantasy, Soccer, Cricket, PC's, Art


    You're all nerds.
    Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. Sun-tzu​