Nov 26, 2005
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    1. Elvenwriter
      Alchy come home. I miss your comfy chair.
    2. Oddrun
      Have fun! :p
    3. Oddrun
      Oooh :( Oh well, with my travelling habits I'm bound to end up in the US at some point, we'll meet then! ^^
    4. Oddrun
      It's different, that's for sure : > I'll be spending some weeks in Mexico from the second week of january on. That's kinda close to Texas, isn't it? Wanna visit Mexico City? ^^
    5. Oddrun
      Well, quite a lot, actually. I'm finishing my exchange semester in Peru ^^
    6. Oddrun
      Teehee, I feel honoured! ^^D
    7. Oddrun
      Yay! What's up, Alchy?

    8. Disco Jezebel
    9. Oddrun
    10. Oddrun
      Wow, that is extraordinary! My valid passport is my second and they've both been used ; ) We definitely have to get you travieling, Alchy. If you'd like to visit Argentina during the next two years, let me know. We'll arrange something for you : D
    11. Oddrun
      Gah... money... :S And yup, the US/Mexico border appears in Polish news from time to time and the news is never good :F But oh well, I guess the better part of Mexico is not going anywhere and can wait for you ^^
    12. Oddrun
      What about Mexico? I plan to go there one day, it seems awesome, and I've heard it's not so far away from where you live, eh?
    13. Oddrun
      Wow, that definitely sounds very grown-up : o Although I'm glad to hear you're sticking to the nerdiness (yes, more pics from Alchy, please!) ^^ I guess I'll have to grow up sometime as well, but I don't want it to be too soon. There's still so much to see around the world! For one, I have to visit you american peeps up there in the north! : D
    14. Oddrun
      Not much actually. The university hasn'tbegun yet so I'm basicaly still having holiday :P What about you? Anything new or interesting?
    15. Oddrun
      Ohhh, the first seasons were the best : >
    16. Oddrun
      oooh, which season are you watching? I finished the whole series like 1,5 year ago :3
    17. Oddrun
      Hello and good night! : D I'm going to sleep - meep, meep! :3
    18. Oddrun
      Yay! Sneaky Alchy poke! : D *pokes back*
    19. LyannaWolfBlood
      Ah, I see. Sorry, BTW; just realised that my last post practically came across as giving out to you for not pirating. I genuinely am impressed that you're doing it properly. But do go ahead and rent it, it's awesome :D.
    20. LyannaWolfBlood
      Hey, I watched GoT in a country where it wasn't actually broadcast in any shape or form. I figured I could salve my conscience later by buying the DVD so HBO wouldn't lose out financially (which I did). I clearly don't have your self control in these matters. That being said, I've bought the DVDs the whole way for Doctor Who since I'm so far behind that they're actually available, unlike GoT, and they are so much better both in terms of quality and, well, legality. Just watching the 6th series now!

      Your excuses about ADWD are accepted. For now :p.
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