Árëlin Milloway
Jul 31, 2006
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Dec 27, 1902 (Age: 118)
A Pirate city in international waters
Digital fiend
    1. Alchemist
      Quite certain you won't be stopping by here anytime soon...but I couldn't stop by TFF and not leave a message. XD
    2. Alchemist
      Guess it's a good thing I decided to randomly check TFF. Don't really stop by here unless it happens to be on a whim.
      Anywho...I'm moved in to a new apartment (not fully settled, still working on getting internet there and such) with a roommate/significant other (but shhh on that for now, if you want more info on that let me know and I'll send a message on facebook or something).
      As far as uni...I didn't graduate...some lameness happened with a teacher...so I'm one class away from graduating...not in uni at the moment.
      Job...I now work a lot more hours at the job I've had for five years now. The same night time security guard for the elderly and disabled. I'm now getting benefits from my job, health insurance, life insurance, and even a retirement plan. And it's still a job where I can play games and write and such. So, I'm keeping it...also in January of 2012 I'm going to be making a lot more money per hour as well.
    3. Alchemist
      heh, didn't even realize it was still read by anybody...but yeah, not happy times right now...and too much to get into. I'll be fine though.
    4. wanderingmagus
      i'm doing well! but i keep having to divide time between school, studying ahead and TFF! >.< but tff always takes priority, right? :p
    5. wanderingmagus
      hello! welcome back i guess?
    6. Sevi
      Heeey!! TFF needs its tiger back!!
    7. Alchemist
      Yeah, but you've been keeping yourself busy, I just randomly log in occasionally and got nostalgic, so linked an xkcd like the olden days lol.

    8. Alchemist
    9. Alchemist
      Oh and have fun, very key point. Be sure to tell me all the nerdy details xD
    10. Alchemist
      To survive? roleplay well and roll well :D
    11. Alchemist
      well, that's good ^_^
    12. Alchemist
      hehe your head must have been thinking of me xD
    13. Alchemist
      FEAR THEM! heh heh heh
    14. Alchemist
      Caps? like bottle caps? baseball caps? capitalization?
    15. Alchemist
      o.O -liiiiick-
    16. Turambar
      Heh - university is a cruel mistress. Or master, in your case. ^^
    17. Alchemist
    18. Turambar
      heh - I've never been of the horsey kind. But the pony examplifies either the braggiest or the most chanceless Christmas requests in the history of history. In other respects, they are rather stupid and - yes - smelly (although, having grown up in the countryside, that's not too bad for me).

      Yes - I would say that graphic designer is right up your sleeve. Another 4 years behind the books, then? In Scotland? Man, I wish I could have strechted my university career further.... abroad would be awesome too ^^
    19. Alchemist
      Nothing wrong with not getting plastered every night. I always choose to be the antisocial roommate. Always a good choice lol.
    20. Turambar
      No, I am pretty sure the Kindles are rather spineless....

      Glasgow, heh? You must feel right at home. What've you enrolled into in Scotland?

      (Ow, and, for the record, there are no ponies that can call me their owner. Which is probably a good thing ^^)
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    Dec 27, 1902 (Age: 118)
    A Pirate city in international waters
    Digital fiend
    Árëlin the mafia cat
    She's called the icy claw
    She's a cool kitty
    From the wrong side
    Of the law
    When shady deals are goin down
    You know she'll be there
    But when the cops show up
    They wont find her anywhere


    Hear me roar