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  1. Kally
  2. camper
    Watt is the best way to study any kind of magic or alchemy to use in non stupid fantasy?
  3. Christopher
    I <3 DSA, AD&D, MMOG, Fantasy-Novels, SciFi and more ...
  4. B.P.Baggett
    yay I am back
  5. AlphaAlex
    AlphaAlex Running Wolf
    haha. Take care RW. Have a great new year.
  6. Running Wolf
    Running Wolf AlphaAlex
    ahhhh, I'm heartbroken... I am ever year >.>
    well then see you on the other side

    of shopping
  7. AlphaAlex
    AlphaAlex Running Wolf
    That's nice of you. Thanks RW. Hope you have a great christmas as well. Sorry I'm kinda skint this time of year after all the presents I have to buy and all, so I cant post myself to you as a christmas present.
    Hope you're not too saddened. :p
  8. Running Wolf
    Running Wolf AlphaAlex
    AlphaAlex was last seen:
    Dec 4, 2017

    so you check in once in a while as well.
    Merry christmas old chap :p
  9. Lanifer
    Just starting...
  10. Kelmourne
    Kelmourne Mad hatter
    Hey it says "Old member, new account"

    What was your original account?
    1. Mad hatter
      Mad hatter
      Heya. "reece56364". I was here around 2010-2014ish. Took a break, and my account was turned into a guest account when I came back :(
      Nov 22, 2017
  11. trinnigen123
  12. L. S. Blades
    L. S. Blades
  13. ScribeByTrade
    So, I just found this forum today. I'm a new guy. But it'd be nice to meet all you.
  14. Lady Aedre
    Lady Aedre Andon
    Well hello, we meet again?
  15. Lady Aedre
    Lady Aedre
    #The Woodswraith
  16. Lady Aedre
    Lady Aedre
    Thinking about Duric...
  17. L. S. Blades
    L. S. Blades
    Just joined TFF.
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  18. Svengol
    Well hello!
  19. Lady Meldana
    Lady Meldana
    currently at Gamescom Cologne
  20. SteamBoy