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  1. trinnigen123
  2. L. S. Blades
    L. S. Blades
  3. ScribeByTrade
    So, I just found this forum today. I'm a new guy. But it'd be nice to meet all you.
  4. Lady Aedre
    Lady Aedre Andon
    Well hello, we meet again?
  5. Lady Aedre
    Lady Aedre
    #The Woodswraith
  6. Lady Aedre
    Lady Aedre
    Thinking about Duric...
  7. L. S. Blades
    L. S. Blades
    Just joined TFF.
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  8. Svengol
    Well hello!
  9. Lady Meldana
    Lady Meldana
    currently at Gamescom Cologne
  10. SteamBoy
  11. RayCaptain
    RayCaptain I. R. Shogun
    13 years and 3 days later
    1. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      Jesus, when did I get so damn old haha?
      Jul 29, 2017
  12. avamrl
    What were weapons like in the Middle Ages? Were they all crude implements designed only to be used by force?
  13. Kawaiianime07
    I need pizza. I will get some.
  14. NilsHernadi1
    Hi im new here.
  15. Kell Inkston
    Kell Inkston
    A freelance author of Sci-fi and fantasy. Loves cooking, exercise, and RPGs.
  16. SaranderBrander
    What if the best super power was to annoy anyone, anywhere, anytime?
  17. CannaLily
    listening to music
  18. FrozenRain
    Currently rather bored
  19. Arkonian Doyle
    Arkonian Doyle
    Born at a very young age owner of a park full of dinossaurs
  20. BraiConn