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  1. TheSlimeAssassin
    My brother let play play Skrim... It was Soooooo awesome!!!!
  2. TheSlimeAssassin
  3. silver.kin
    You can't expect a good life without one.
  4. silver.kin
    I'm new and hopefully I'll figure out how everything works! Haha, I'm a huge anime and fantasy fan so this should be fun.
  5. Flower Blood
    Flower Blood
    Newbie here, hi everyone!
  6. Orkin
    Back after hiatus.
  7. deconmuzy
    Hotel Furniture Outlet
  8. His7Valkyries
    I'm supposed to be researching Fantasy, but I guess I need a new hobby other than Science Fiction.
  9. Dasiydaresya
    leader board on day one comin' at you like winttteeerrrrr
  10. Dasiydaresya
    Leaderboard on day 1. comin a
  11. ChristopherLeeAuthor
    Merry Meet, I am Christopher Lee, author, wordsmith, and rebel philosopher. working on publishing my first novel, The Lore of the Aos Sí
  12. Arkonian Doyle
    Arkonian Doyle froboy69
    Welcome to TFF!
  13. Arkonian Doyle
    Arkonian Doyle Cull
    welcome to the forum!
  14. Cascador
    Cascador Firiath
    Hey just asking about an update. Which games you're playing, which games you want to get. And what movies do you want to watch and which ones you watched recently? Seriously you keep me in the blind for this long! How dare you!!!!!
  15. AlphaAlex
    AlphaAlex stelin
    welcome to the forum
  16. Merril
    This is where I ought to be.
  17. MyUsername
    My status
    1. MyUsername
      My comment
      Sep 8, 2016
  18. Evorath
    Living in a fantasy world of my choosing.
  19. Dragonsfang
    Dragonsfang Aelfwynn
    Hello to you I been looking for a Administrator ?
    1. Aelfwynn
      administrator for what?
      Sep 6, 2016
  20. Malazan the Moderate
    Malazan the Moderate
    Wanting a Fall of Gondolin film. Yes, it's severely impractical for film studios and it wouldn't be done justice but A BOY CAN DREAM!