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  1. Slaanesh
    Just passing through
  2. libbyzamir
    Illustration and Calligraphy
  3. Koholin
    Everything is precious
  4. l nimbus
    l nimbus
    Web Serials >>> Actual Books. Fight me.
  5. steelpounder
    steelpounder Overread
    I have a pic of my work in fantasy weapons. Since you asked
  6. wanderingmagus
  7. steelpounder
    steelpounder 4Nines
    I just have a question. I have an old message from Reece56364. When I clicked on his avatar nothing happened. Usually I get last active on, etc even if they haven't been "seen" for years. I tried find a member, "member can't be found use full name" I am just wondering what happened to them
  8. steelpounder
    steelpounder Greybeard
    I like your views on "non-functional" weapons. Good luck in your quest for a blade.
  9. wanderingmagus
    wanderingmagus steelpounder
    1. steelpounder
      Greetings to you also. I haven't been around for a while
      Aug 18, 2018
  10. wanderingmagus
    wanderingmagus warrior_squirrel21
    come back to us please!
  11. dlnewhouse
  12. K_Simulacra
    A poet who writes agile fantasy on Also a nerd, a muay thai enthusiast, a compulsive reader and bilbiophile, a mensch.
  13. B.P.Baggett
    Ivar blood and Steel will be published soon...
  14. wanderingmagus
  15. Kelmourne
    Kelmourne Stonk
    Still interested in playing the Cosmology RP?
    BTW RayCaptain got banned.
  16. wanderingmagus
    wanderingmagus Kelmourne
    nyan! :D postie in cosmology?
    1. Kelmourne
      I'll do a post later tonight. I've got a bunch of homework I've been busy with recently.
      Jun 29, 2018
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  17. wanderingmagus
    wanderingmagus hatchet13
    hi hatchet13! :D welcome back!
  18. wanderingmagus
    wanderingmagus AlphaAlex
    Welcome back!!!
  19. Sevi
    Sevi AlphaAlex
    AA helloooo! :D
  20. Kelmourne
    Kelmourne Mem