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  1. wanderingmagus
  2. wanderingmagus
    wanderingmagus Greybeard
    welcome back!!
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    2. Greybeard
      Thank you.
      Jun 15, 2018 at 1:05 PM
  3. Kakashi
    Kakashi JIM
    Now that you mention it I remember Sorless Jabuck! But wasn't there also like Jimnay515 or something? :P i could be crazy
    1. JIM
      Jimminy.a5 was my first name :D
      Jun 13, 2018 at 4:35 PM
  4. olivia_the_lamb
    olivia_the_lamb Mububban
    You're online, wat
  5. Kakashi
    Kakashi Mububban
    Even if it's not for good, it's good to see you back :) Cheers
  6. wanderingmagus
    wanderingmagus Skyanide
    come back to us!
  7. wanderingmagus
    wanderingmagus Lord Yuan
    come back to us!
  8. wanderingmagus
  9. wanderingmagus
    wanderingmagus Sorillon
    come back to us! :D
  10. wanderingmagus
    wanderingmagus Herald Of Woe
    Herald! come back to us!
  11. wanderingmagus
    wanderingmagus Warlock Lord
    come back to us!
  12. Sevi
    Sevi Kaine999
    Yes! Mischiefs, cause trouble, ruin things, have fun, that kind of stuff :D It is very different, it is smaller, much better place to live than chaotic Athens, but I miss my friends and family :( Niar is a he, Costas (my fiance) found him between two main streets and brought him home.
    1. Sevi
      My cat doesnt really like him, but hasnt made an effort to kill him yet so Im hoping she will get used to him eventually :D Where are you located now? I dont remember where you lived. Are you still in the same place?
      Jun 6, 2018
  13. Kaine999
    Kaine999 Sevi
    Is it very different? How are you settling in? Was it a move from Athens? If I recall that is where you used to live right? How is Niar settling in? Was he/she/it a stray or from a shelter? Hang around? You mean get into mischief right?
  14. Sevi
    Sevi Kaine999
    <3 We don't know yet for the big day... I just moved to the new city where my fiance already lived, so I still need some time for adjustment. One is called Bree and the other one we found a few days ago and is called Niar :D It's nice that you are back! Now we can hang around more in the forum like we used to :D
  15. Kaine999
    Kaine999 Sevi
    CONGRATULATIONS! When is the big day? Two cats, what are their names? No hellspawn on my end, nor am I married or engaged. Haven't met the right crazy person yet. I had actually been thinking about getting back in touch recently, and after Kelmourne messaged me telling me you and others were back it seemed like a good time to catch up. So yes, I also missed you too. :)
  16. Sevi
    Sevi Kaine999
    I moved to another greek city and I'm engaged now :D I also have two cats! No kids or anything yet though... how about you? Still in Australia, are you married? Any kids? I genuinely missed you :)
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  17. Kaine999
    Kaine999 Sevi
    I must admit, seeing you here was a pleasant surprise. What have you been up to? Get into any good mischief lately?
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  18. Sevi
    Sevi Kaine999
    :D I'm fine as well :) I wondered if you would come back, I'm so glad you did :)
  19. Kaine999
    Kaine999 Sevi
    Good to see my favourite cat ninja running rampant! I'm good, how have you been?
  20. Sevi
    Sevi Kaine999
    HELLO!!! So nice to see you again! How have you been???